Pedigree name: 
Faulklea Fidelity
Gemma Faulkner
Pascavale Bruce
Quintrelle Crystal Georget at Faulklea
Date of birth: 

Lexie was the result of the first litter I bred last year. She was one of a litter of seven. I was very nervous at first about the thought of having seven pups to look after having never under taken such a big task. But very quickly I got into a routine that worked well for both me and Crystal. It has to be the most rewarding thing that have ever done. It was amazing to watch the puppies growing and see them through all the different stages. Lexie just had to stay with us as she was such a little character. She also had good potential as a show dog. Also as I wanted to establish my own line she seemed like a very good place to start.She is a very clever girl sometimes too clever for her own good. She gave me a hard time trying to train her for the show ring as she just didn't want to keep all four paws on the floor. It's only been in the last few weeks that she has finally started to behave herself. But many judges have told me how nice it was to see such an outgoing puppy.

Lexie is heart and eye clear and MRI scanned

Show wins: 
Due to the fact that Lexie has been a very wilful puppy she has not had the results that she should have due to the fact that she was just so naughty, having said that she did get best puppy in breed twice.Last week was her last puppy class. I was so pleased that she finally walked on all four legs. She did very well, winning best puppy in breed and she then went on to win 3rd in the toy puppy group, something that I was very proud of being as she was the first litter that I bred.