Pedigree name: 
Underknoll Muscatel with Faulklea
Sue Walton
Homerbrent Excitation
Chelsea Morning
Sasquatch- Don't ask!
Date of birth: 

Jasper is a 9 year old cavalier king charles spaniel with so much character and is very naughty.I decided that I would like to go into showing more so after a lot of looking around I got Jasper.I had Jasper from 8 weeks and there was two to choose from. I chose Jasper as we were going to show him and he needed to have a black pigment which his litter brother did not have so I didn't want to risk this not developing.I have put in a lot of time training Jasper for the show ring, I started his training when he was 3 months old and I was very lucky as he seemed to pick up what was expected of him very quickly. He really enjoyed going to the training class as he got to make some new doggie friends at the same time.I have been very lucky with Jasper as he is my first proper show dog. He has gained best puppy in group at Poole canine club open show which is a day that I will never forget. He has also had many other prizes which we are thrilled about. We have had many great days out at shows and I have also made some great new friends who have been very helpful to me. Many thanks, you all know who you are.Jasper is now enjoying his retirement after a great show career.

Show wins: 
As a puppy Jasper did well for us and was a great dog to show seeing as we were new to the show world. At Poole and district canine society he gave us a day to remember by winning Best puppy in breed and then going on to win the toy group.Over the last year Jasper has done us proud in the ring, we have had a very good year with him. He has had lots of first placing under some stiff competition. Thank you so much Sue for letting Jasper come to live with us he is a pleasure to own and show.Here are some of his wins: Penzance and distinct Best of Breed Exonian canine association reserve best of breed and best Tri colour
Funny stories: 
Jasper is a very cheeky boy who is always up to something he shouldn't be and he's now become very good at gardening. He's got a great new trick where he can reach up onto my shelf and take all my beanies then, when I go out to the garden I find them all over the place. He's just so fuuny that I can't help but laugh at him and he has a way off not getting told off by looking up at my with his innocent face and those big eyes, well who can resist that? I sure can't.